Learn about the benefits of Bioclear for black triangle treatment from a Leominster, MA area dentist

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Patients with imperfections of the smile will often connect with Dr. Lana Lee of A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster in Leominster, MA, to learn more about the options available to them for correction. In many cases, a variety of cosmetic dental procedures may be recommended by their dental professional, including porcelain veneers or composite resin bonding. However, patients with a “black triangle” within the smile may have another option called the Bioclear dental treatment.

Understanding the black triangle

Black triangles are best described as the triangle that can be positioned between teeth and below the gums. The gum tissue may not come down enough, resulting in not just a gap but a small shape that impacts the overall appearance of the smile. They often appear dark because they are in the space between the gums and teeth. These black triangles are also notorious for trapping plaque, tartar, bacteria, and food debris to impact the smile’s health.

Bioclear matrix system treatment for black triangles

In the past, patients have typically covered these imperfections by using techniques to disguise them, such as the placement of dental bonding or porcelain veneers. These require the removal of the natural tooth structure, which should be avoided whenever possible. Fortunately, a solution called the Bioclear matrix system can also be used to solve this problem. The treatment of black triangles or even diastema, which can cause full gaps between the teeth, preserves the natural tooth enamel while filling the area aesthetically. This system ensures beautiful results without removing any of the natural tooth structures. The results will last years and allow patients to feel confident in their smiles yet again!

Find out if Bioclear is suitable for you

If you are unhappy with the black triangle impacting the appearance of your smile, it may be time to speak to a dentist about the Bioclear dental treatment. Call A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster at (978) 926-9010 to request a consultation visit with our team, conveniently located at 285 Central Street, Suite #210. We are available to help new and established patients and families with their oral healthcare needs with our skilled dentist, Dr. Lana Lee.