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Aug 08

There are several ways you can lose your teeth. Injury and decay can compromise the health of your tooth, especially when infection seeps into the tooth internals. When your tooth’s pulp chamber is infected, removing the entire tooth is the sure way to stop the infection. However, at Nirvana Dental, we won’t let that happen. We […]

Jun 02

At A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster, Dr. Yijia Li and the team in Leominster, Massachusetts, perform a wide range of services for patients in the community. This includes root canal treatment, or “endodontic therapy.” Patients often have many questions about this infected tooth treatment, including questions about experiencing discomfort and pain after […]

Mar 03

Toothache is no laughing matter. Whether you’re feeling pain due to decay, infection, or a damaged tooth, all you want is some relief. Your dentist in Leominster, Massachusetts, may recommend root canal treatment for severe tooth decay and infections. Root canals are often the last resort to saving a seriously damaged tooth from extraction. A […]