Dental hygiene services provided by Leominster, MA dental practice

Patients who visit A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster are often looking for a dental professional to improve or maintain their oral health. Your dental health is key to a healthy body, as many conditions that affect the oral cavity can be an indication of a problem elsewhere. With our team, patients can learn about ways to maintain their smile’s appearance, function, and health along with routine dental hygiene services.

Why is dental hygiene important?

Your smile was designed to last a lifetime, but certain conditions can impact the longevity of the teeth. This includes damage, poor oral health, periodontal disease, and cavities. When a patient has good oral health habits at home, they can keep many of these problems from arising, saving time, and maintaining their natural teeth. However, if issues arise over the course of the years, patients will need to work with a dentist to repair their smile. In some situations, this also means replacing missing or extracted natural adult teeth.

Conditions such as periodontal disease has also been linked to many medical conditions including heart disease and diabetes. It can significantly increase one’s risk of having a stroke as well. This is because periodontal disease is an infection. Bacteria in the mouth can travel through the bloodstream and to other parts of the body, spreading infection and inflammation throughout. To address this, patients will first need to address their periodontal disease, which is often done with antibiotics and more routine cleanings and treatments.

What are the advantages of good dental hygiene?

  • A healthier smile
  • Less extractions or lost teeth
  • Maintenance of bone, teeth, and soft tissues
  • Improved breath
  • No restorations or replacements
  • Less expensive oral health costs over a lifetime

Discuss dental hygiene services available at A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster

Our team of professionals are here in the Leominster, MA area to provide patients with solutions to a wide range of dental health concerns. If you live in the community and are interested in learning more about what can be done to improve your oral health, we welcome you to book a consultation appointment by calling our front office at (978) 926-9010. We are here for new and established patients and families seeking the best in dental care under one roof!