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May 17

Gum (periodontal) disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the U.S. An inflammatory infection that gradually destroys the bone and tissues supporting the teeth, gum disease often requires repeated scaling and root planing (SRP) treatments to prevent the regrowth of bacteria on the gums. However, studies show that even after removing […]

Sep 23

Regardless of your age, it can be alarming to discover you have gum disease. In its advanced stage, gum disease can ruin your oral health and eventually lead to tooth loss. Through Perio Protect gum treatment, Dr. Yijia Li can help combat periodontal disease to restore tooth and gum health and save your permanent teeth. You […]

Jul 08

Gum disease prevention is just part of the information obtained by patients who visit Dr. Yijia Li of A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster in Massachusetts. This includes cleanings and oral hygiene education. For those who have developed conditions such as periodontal disease, additional steps may be needed to restore the smile’s health […]

May 05

Dr. Yijia Li of A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster in Leominster, Massachusetts, educates her patients on keeping their smiles healthy and free from periodontal disease and tooth decay. But if an infection does develop, a definitive diagnosis and appropriate treatment can be discussed to ensure that it doesn’t worsen. If you are […]

Feb 23

Periodontal disease is a severe infection that requires the care and attention of an experienced dentist in Leominster, Massachusetts. Dr. Yijia Li can help patients with this condition using a unique home tray system known as PerioProtect, which benefits those diagnosed with periodontitis. What are PerioProtect trays for gum disease? PerioProtect trays are custom trays […]