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Nov 15

Most children learn good dental hygiene habits when they’re young and, with the help of their parents, maintain a good dental hygiene routine. As you get older, however, it’s easy to develop bad habits that can harm your teeth. To enjoy good oral health, you must practice good oral care your whole life. Preventive dental […]

Jun 02

Preventive dentistry is the dental care needed to achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. Oral hygiene habits at home paired with necessary cleanings and evaluations at the dental office can assist patients in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. At A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster of Leominster, Massachusetts, Dr. Yijia Li […]

Jan 25

Nirvana. The state of ultimate happiness and wellbeing. Led by Dr. Yijia Li, our practice in Leominster, Massachusetts, lives up to its name: A & S Dental Wellness Center of Leominster. Alongside our valued patients, we work hard to support the utmost comfort, beauty, function, and health of their smiles. In doing so, we support overall health […]